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thrive side by side with the wild 


Parallel Nursery is a native plant nursery from Richmond, Virginia.

We are a majority woman

owned & operated nursery specializing in seed grown native perennials from the Mid-Atlantic + South Eastern USA eco-regions.

We grow plants for anyone seeking to create a thriving ecosystem in their landscape!

Why grow native plants?

Native plants are the corner-stone of our world and are key to the health and function of our environment; they have evolved to work together in unique ways with our regions challenging elements. They work with our local flora fauna to create habitats and provide food for wildlife, clean our water and air, and offer many other durable and practical solutions to difficult garden problems.

 Planting native plants offers us the best opportunity to create a resilient, healthy, and restorative environment!

Whether you are working to add a few pollinator host plants to your city patio, looking to replace your lawn with a drought tolerant "green mulch", or even working to restore a large area back to a functional eco-system, we can provide plants that fit your needs.

Our broad selection of sustainably grown perennials allows you to create a diverse & healthy ecosystem in your garden, regardless of your landscape conditions or gardening experience. 

 Beyond providing healthy & resilient plants, it is also our purpose to help provide equitable & meaningful experiences with nature for everyone, regardless of any of our perceived differences.

Parallel Nursery is committed to providing you plants grown with the following practices:

// Always bee-safe & pollinator friendly: seed-to-soil pledge of 100% pesticide free life cycle 

// local eco-type seeds are harvested with conservation principles in mind; ethical seed collectors & sources only

// plants are sun-grown with

minimal inputs

// finished plants are provided in a sustainable, peat-free, renewable, pine-bark medium

// materials are sourced from

USA based companies

// a portion of our revenue is directed to local organizations working to connect people from all walks of life to nature

& groups seeking to create sustainable food, health, or safety systems for our human environment. 


Contact us today below

or email for plants, or to inquire about

landscape design consultations!




Dreaming of a healthy, happy ecosystem for your home?
Are you looking for a pollinator friendly answer
to a problem that's been plaguing your garden?

Message us below & we'll help you thrive side by side with the wild! 

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